You are complacent everyday, whether you realise or not because complacency will always override what we know is safe to do in the first place.

You go to work because it is a necessity to live, but you should never risk death to work because going home to your family safe is not a Privilege, it is a must.

Hear and see from experience how a 5 minute complacent decision took Christopher Cassaniti’s life, just as he was embarking on a new chapter of adulthood.

A young man who had dreams and goals.

A young man who went to work and never came home.

Patrizia shares the crucial lessons everyone in construction, manufacturing and engineering needs to hear to shift out complacency and create safe working environments.

You and all your work mates need to go home to your families after a hard day’s work… Patrizia takes you on a journey of the devastating story of her son, Christopher, who at just 18 was not so lucky, and lost his life after a tragic incident, that was not just “unlucky”, but caused by complacency in decision making.

Be prepared for an emotional and inspiring journey with this powerful and potentially life-saving session from Patrizia. She has had extensive coverage on the media, 60 minutes and Morning shows and has helped develop an App together with SafeWork NSW that allows workers to speak up anonymously.

Her safety advocacy leads her to reign new laws in her sons honour by bringing tougher penalties and greater consequences for unsafe work practices.

She has founded a foundation to help families that have lost loved ones in the workplace by providing them with groceries and pay for outstanding bills for the 3 months so that they can grieve without the everyday burden.

Patrizia has conjured the courage to deliver a compelling message and turn her anger and grief into a mission to make sure that what happened to her son will not happen again. She is not only a motivational speaker,

but speaks as a mum to resonate with workers on a personal level to inspire them to work safe so that they get to go home to their families, because NO AUSTRALIAN SHOULD EVER GO TO WORK AND DIE.

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